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俄罗斯国立水文研究所Victor Katolikov教授永利澳门娱乐场402com

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应402com永利平台邀请,俄罗斯国立水文研究所Victor Katolikov教授将于2015年11月27日来我院作关于近30年来俄罗斯泥沙研究进展的永利澳门娱乐场402com,欢迎各单位职工和研究生参加交流!

报告题目: The results of studies on the mechanism of structural transport of sediments (of bedload) in river channels received in Russia over the past 30 years
报告时间: 2015年11月27日上午9:00
报告地点: 中国水利水电科学研究院402com永利平台101会议室
The report describes the results of studies of hydraulic conditions at the beginning of movement of bed material, the problems of measurement and calculation of bedload with dunes and without dunes in river channel. The definition of channel forming water discharge, based on the basic provision of hydromorphological theory of channel processes, developed in the State Hydrological Institute (St. Petersburg), is provided. This concept plays an important role in the calculation of annual discharge of sediment and predictions of channel deformations.Provides a description of the results of experimental studies of the formation of middle bed forms of transport of bed material (alternate and middle bars) and the characteristics of features of movement of sediment in the river channel on such bed forms.Special attention is paid to the problem of hydraulic resistance occurring in the flow during the formation of bed forms of different structural levels.
Dr. Victor Katolikov, Research Scientist, Chief of the Department, Department of channel processes, State Hydrological Institute, Russia; Lecturer at the Saint-Petersburg Hydrometeorological University, Russia.Specialization:
(i) main field: River morphology, Fluvial Hydraulics, Sedimentology, Hydraulic modelling;
(ii) other fields: Ecology of riverine systems;
(iii) current research interests: Theoretical researches and hydraulic modelling of channel process in Mzimta and Amur rivers.
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